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dude your controller might just be drifting

doesnt work with ps4 controller :( the camera keeps on rotating

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Solution: Buy an Xbox Controller, Ps4 controllers are dog shit

uh this is neat

I really liked the game, I just didn't pay because I'm poor(BRAZIL)

i downloaded the game but where do i go to play it :/

open the downloaded file and click ryza roads and the ryza roads.exe


add mods plz

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it would be cool if you add multiplayer because i want to play it with my friends


ikr that would be awesome


Seems like a good idea


A bit laggy but perfect 7/10





Si yo no soy ingles... porque tengo que comentar en ingles? en fin... abrí el juego pero creo que no es para "potatos pc" como la mía, aunque el juego se ve interesante, se que puedes hacer más con la interfaz GUI y con el Menú de inicio.

its so funy 


This game is sooo fun to play, i would love multiplayer to play with friends ahah, and modifying the car engine :))




does anyone know any cheat codes?


D E N I R O and Ramp


Deniro for 10k and ramp spawn ramp near the city

Hi developer/developers! I am making my game based on Unity. When I saw that your game based on Unity to, I was happy. Your game is interesting, and looooooooooooooowpoly, that I like. I respect you like developer and your game is good. So good luck! (I am from Russia so my English can be worce :) )

i really like this game, for the sole reason being that it is really easy to mod, for example in a matter of minutes you can make yourself super fast, or jump really high

plssssssssssssssssss optimize i have a core i3 which is the MINIUM requirement so pls optimize


I like your game. The controls are very weighty and fun to use, and this makes for a good playground. I think it would help with player motivation if there were more money-earning activities. I also think an expanded map would motivate the player to drive more.

super badly optimized and a lot of bugs, still it looks like fun XD

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very nice, but you have to add more planes more boats and more elicopter than vehicles there are enough and then you have to add the volume of the cars because they don't make sound.And add some cities or something to the map.

how do you update the file???

why doesnt ryza roads load i left it for half an hour wont load

It works for me

The game looks really amazing, but I have some suggestion. Please add a sensitivity slider for the stearing of the vehicles. I find it really hard to control the vehicles sometimes and the camera doesn't help. I just hope pressing A will turn it a bit less. Thanks!

pleaaassss tell me

how do i get the game started 


You have to unpack the zip file :)

Yo ngl this game is epic

fun game!! nice to mess around with!! ( but you know the code is just barely holding together cause the game refuses to load if you change one of the intro messages lol)

file is missing and I can't download it

The game looks good, but it doesn't play that well


I have to say when you try to start the game while you have an PS4 Controller connected to your PC, there is a bug with your the camera.(It´s automaticlly looking down). I hope you guys will look towards it because this game is amazing.


the cheats dont work

theres D I N E R O and RAMP


Do this game have multiplayer to play with friends?


I hope not YET

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Is there any difference between this version and the version of Microsoft?

no its just not free on ms store


no me deja jugar me dice no se puede ejecutar la aplicacion en el dispositivo que hago?


Wheres the codes?

thers D I N E R O and RAMP

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this is cool

I believe this is not supposed to happen, right?

really fun


failed to load mono(

Hi, I really like the game, but could you optimize it? I have a computer with low end specifications :(


listen i understand your struggles but have you played max payne? it has really low specs and i played through the first game you should try it

The game is so fun.

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