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it's okay i guess PERFECTO.

Please build for linux

Thank you~


nice looking game but its stuck on the loading screen :/


please optomise it runs so bad

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me see this game : Look liek i have seen it but never play it wanna try it i check the webpage i see:
"You own this game

Claimed 1 year ago"
Run really gud on my pc 15 avg fps 480p low


is there a 32x bits ver? if yes im gonna buy it


how do i get for free

Get it today for free.


I saw on youtube that we can get "RYZA ROADS" For free till 23 september,  how to claim it ?? It shows that buy now 3.99 USD

Me also


how about a loonix release?


i love calling it teh loonix (and running games on it)


I'd just like to interject for a moment.  What you're referring to as loonix, is in fact, ganoo/loonix, or as I've recently taken to calling it, ganoo plus loonix.  .....

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you could just use WINE or try it with proton.

wine is such a pain to use since 64 bit came along and using proton without steam sounds like a real hassle.

i had owned it but now i need to buy it can u help?

If you're using the same account as before, you should see something like this at the top of the game's page:

lol i'm stupid i didn't saw the download button, thx for helping i am only stupid


Great game i love the driving but please add multiplayer thank you! :)


this game is trash


i get it free  B)


promo B)

He's free again

me too, it was free last year if i remember corectly

yeah the game was free last year during september


Is a linux release possible?

What are the golden gears about?!


eu acho que deveria ser possivel costumizar mais o veiculo, talvez mais veiculos seria bom tambem

Could you upload a build for the itch client? I'm currently getting "Cannot read property 'build' of undefined"

gioco molto carino, ogni tanto si presenta qualche bug, ad esempio, il personaggio che rappresentiamo avvolte non si muove più. rimuovendo il gioco ed reinstallandolo, si perdono i dati. 8/10 stelle

gg i would really like to mmod dis

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Great game, could improve
This is a great little game. It's fun, but I suggest that you add in multiplayer. Adding multiplayer will guarantee more players and try adding more cars too. This is definitely a game I would come back to if it were to have more content added. The graphics in this game are nice, I appreciate the custom graphics settings. The races and currency system could use some work. The races are usually kind of long and not very fun. Races feel choppy. Getting money feels like a chore in this game, but overall it's a nice little game and has real potential.

Hi. Is there a roadmap of this game's scheduled development since this is an alpha build?


This game is very good even in its early stages! It has so much potential and its very sweet! The aura and love is there. There are few things i suggest to work on though: The transition from controller and keyboard, The music or lack there of (see rest of review) and just the touch ups. Im sure these things will come to play. In fact, im a developer and a musician, and i was wandering if i could get into contract with you and make some music for the game. Free of charge of course because im just doing it for the love of the game. Otherwise...A very cool game.


this link should work...

Deleted 2 years ago

The game is currently in alpha, but has a really nice bone to it is pretty fun. This is actually a really cool setup for a racing/exploration game with surprisingly pretty graphics, with strangely roblox styled character modeling but otherwise still nice looking. Weirdly enough, the game has a nice relaxing vibe to it when you’re not racing for cash.

On the issues though, the camera sensitivity is a major issue, but can be adjusted quite easily in the menu. My main complaints is that the controls in general are too sensitive (please note, I'm using keyboard), as well as the lowest visual settings are still pretty mid-tier and may use up a lot of graphics card stuff. Lastly on issues, it seems to be missing music, auditory ambiance (crickets, wind, grass moving noises, etc.)  Despite all of this, I have no doubt this game will only get better as it's updated, and should be a fairly well-rounded game.


Very nice game, but the camera is terrible.


The game is top, but not convenient camera control.

This is not fair i think.



My video on this.

Hi developer(s) I think it would be a great idea to add some mods or maybe more cars like a amphibious road vehicle that would be so cool and i'v seen many comments about how there PC is the bear minimum can you help them and optimize the game for them I also think you should add a online player mode and campaign even that would be sick! I love your game 9/10 you did a very good job on this game i love it!

Very good job. This game is really fun. 


yay 0$


game is actually pretty good but it needs more sound effects (smashing fences makes no sound, etc). probably needs multiplayer and a steam launch too because it's kind of boring alone.


No work pls help

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10/10 It looks cool


any system reuirements

I can run it with 4 GB ram computer.


nice game i ejoyed very much :))))))))))))

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yes its right it get blur when you move your camera
go to setting motion blur make it on and then turn of

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