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Can you add a turn of blur/bloom option? This game is so good. Thank you.


what should I do?


jakie są wymagania gry?

ja mam 8gb ram intel cor i5 i mam tipa najpierw laguje

klikasz ustawienia ultra 5 sekund potem low i płynnie chodzi

You mixed my favourite things, cars and sandbox just add guns and it will be the best game

I just want a mobile version, it's hard to have a phone better than the pc


What about create an workshop and online mode. More players will interact with thenselves and more vehicles will be created by them. Keeping the game updated with the workshop vehicles, glith and bug fixes and graphics, everithing will be nice :)


the game is very poorly optimized, that was a constructive criticism

The game is great, but the car physics sucks. I loosing controll when i wanna throtle+turn. In some cases it making gameplay worse.


I really like the game! I suggest that you should add multiplayer. It would be so fun!


I got the game for free.


This is a great little game. It's fun and all, but I suggest that you add in multiplayer. Adding multiplayer will guarantee more players. Add more cars too. This is definitely a game I would come back to if it were to have more content added.

My PC sucks so it can't run the game D:


I loved the game! I wish it was more polished, and the driving physics were better. Still spent about 4-5 hours, almost completed it, and I am not sorry :D

Speaking of completion, is it even possible to beat this boat race: 

If so I couldn't figure out how to do it...

yeah with the helicopter

Sounds like a hack :D but I'll give it a try


Car physics in this game are slippery.

Even when it's dirt and you're using offroad vehicles.

Also adjust the physics a bit lower because you can't climb on SMALL hills, it's slowing down the car too much, and it's not even steep at all, that would not not happen in other games.

This issue stops me from completing time trials specifically if you're on a location where there's a lot of hills, and I can't progress.

Optimize the game as well.

Deleted post

3 cheat search TIME MACHINE, RAMP,D I N E R O

How to go on island present on map with car for racing

u got to take the barge lol 500

I missed out.

Is this supposed to happen


Hey! can this be available on MAC OS X?


Even if it was a free game, it would have still been bad. bc JESUS WTF i have never seen a game this bad before. DO NOT BUY!!!


Bro, chill, it's only one man working on the game.

Нехватает ввести чит чтобы выполнить последнюю ачивку

Нашёл 2 надписи RAMP и DINERO

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 2 cheats search. "RAMP" and "DINERO".



Wow this game is very good 

I will recommend this to all my friends


Amazing game!!


My review on Ryza Roads


  • Amazing Graphics
  • Great vehicle physics & models
  • Good progression mechanic
  • Great support for Xbox Controllers
  • Lovely races & time trials


  • Requires fairly modern hardware as graphics settings don't go too far down
  • Buggy arcade game at garage
  • Too easy to earn money
  • Brain-dead AI/CPU
  • Not much to do after you finish all the races
  • No confirm option for paint so you spend lots of money even while previewing

(Pros and cons are in no specific order)

It's an amazing game. The physics of the cars are a bit slippery though, but that can be fixed by slightly raising the suspension in the Ryza Custom Shop. Xbox controller compatability is great too. However, it does not perform optimally on older hardware, but that is to be expected.

In conclusion, it's a great game to play when you want to calm down and relax, as it has a very peaceful setting and fun races.

looks, good claimed, maybe one day there will be a linux build, then I can pay for it

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Great game, struggles to run on my Intel UHD 620 even at 600x480 on low settings


Reminds me of Hunter (1991, ST/Amiga). Land/sea/air vehicle based exploration game with collecting and races. Really chilled out game. Vehicles are a bit loose control but it’s a good few hours of pleasant, non-violent fun.

Really nice little game! I'm about half way. I play on a 4:3 monitor (at 640x480 or 1280x960) and I don't think I am seeing the edges of the map? Otherwise - much fun! Thanks


Wow, it's beautiful!

p.s. do you have some cheat codes for me?


Here is one RAMP. The cheat codes are words like flowers in the grass. When you get a hint to look for one, it is nearby!


unfortunately game is unplayable for me, the camera continuously moves down right.

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Calibrate your controller, or unplug your mouse.

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still happens with no controller/mouse plugged in.  plus if that was the cause of the issue id expect to see the same thing happen in other games but thats not the case.  something else weird is going on

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Good luck finding your issue! I use a wired Xbox 360 controller and wired Apple Mighty Mouse and have no problems.

ive been playing this game for 15 and im already in love, but one question is there a way you can save vehicle like shopping carts to your garage so when you launch the game they will be in your gararge? thanks in advance:)

Thank you so much! Unfortunately, shopping carts cannot be saved to your garage yet :/ I'm sorry. But you can still customize them while playing! :)


Wonderful little game!

Thanks! :))


Genuinely good and wholesome fun. Had a big smile on my face from start to finish~

Awesome! Thank you :D


I love the game! I grabbed it through the BLM pack (thank you for supporting) its almost zelda and gta combined! 

Thank you so much! :)

Does this game have multiplayer, or is there plans to add it? This looks like a blast to play with my son.

Unfortunately, only singleplayer is available :/ sorry. Hope you guys have fun though! :)


Just 100%'ed the game and it's safe to say for an Alpha this has alot of promise!

One thing I was wondering though is if you've ever considered creating a Discord server for this game/all your games, it seems to work for a lot of Indie developers to build communities around their games, I don't mind either way but just a friendly suggestion :^)


Wow, that's awesome! Thank you so much for playing, really appreciate it! And I will definitely consider creating a discord server, seems like a great idea!

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi there! I can't be sure about that, but I think you should be able to play at low/normal settings.

One of our best discoveries of yesterday in livestream :) 

Thank you so much for playing! :)

Thank YOU for this game !

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